Approach: Playing the classical guitar can be an enormously gratifying pursuit or an excruciatingly frustrating exercise. In more than 20 years of playing the classical guitar, I have experienced both extremes and have learned many tools to help make your study of the classical guitar more rewarding and enjoyable. I believe in a comprehensive approach to studying the guitar, including technical development, musicality, music theory, knowledge of the repertoire and composers, and performance practice. Students learn to develop good sight-reading skills and practice habits, as well as techniques for memorization and effective performance. Special attention is given to tone production and proper and effective techniques for realizing your musical ideas. Why don't I teach jazz, rock, heavy metal, blues, etc.? You deserve someone who is passionate about teaching what you want to learn. That's why, unlike many teachers who "dabble" in several genres, I have committed myself to teaching only classical guitar. Sure, my studio is smaller as a result, but my students are happier and happy students are a joy to teach.

Ages: All ages are welcome! I have taught students ages 5 to 65 and will tailor my approach to your level and needs.

Instruments: Students must provide their own nylon-stringed acoustic guitars for lessons. Let me know if you’d like any recommendations or advice on picking out a guitar!

Locations: Lessons are offered in my home studio in Lansdowne, PA (Delaware County) as well as my studio in the Bellefonte Neighborhood of Wilmington, DE.

Rates: I offer reasonable rates starting at $60 for a one-hour lesson, depending on lesson location and frequency. 30- and 45-minute rates are available for younger or time-constrained students. Financial assistance may be available at my home studio in Lansdowne.

Policies: I have friendly and flexible policies designed to make lessons a positive experience for both student and teacher.

Get Started: Contact me today for a free trial lesson so we can get acquainted and see if my approach is the right fit for you!