John Williams Biography

Strings Attached: The Life and Music & John Williams
I’m very excited to see a new biography of a classical guitarist on the horizon. I’m a big fan of Tony Palmer’s “A Life on the Road,” a biography of Julian Bream, and I’m also enjoying Andres Segovia’s autobiography “Andres Segovia: An Autobiography of the Years 1893-1920.” Both are relatively rare and out of print, so to have a new, easily accessible bio of another of the world’s leading guitarists slated for print early next year is quite exciting.

John Williams has always impressed me with his effortless and masterful playing. His recordings were some of the first classical guitar recordings I ever owned, let alone purchased with my hard-earned money. And I have especially enjoyed his Seville Concert DVD, not only for the incredible beauty of his playing (and the incredible beauty of the Alhambra Palace he is playing in), but to see the rare biographical snippets into his life. I’m looking forward to seeing what made him the musician he is today, and the experiences he has had playing the guitar over the past 60+ years.

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